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May 15, 2004



Lord British? Looks like Blackadder.

Wonder if he looks like Mr Bean when he's in civvies?


7 bois? That's it? *sigh* And none in tight things, or topless. *sobs* BTW, I've been following your postings lately, and let me just say, you are doing a wonderful thing for gamers, women and the world at large. Keep lighting that fire under the apathetic butts of the game world!


Truly a sad state of Booth Beef. But it is good to see Justin recognized for his commitment to both the gaming industry and stylish haberdashery.

Joost Schuur

I don't think #7 was from STALKER. That game is based in Chernobyl after all, and it's an MP. Could he be from Activision's booth from Call of Duty or one of the Wolfenstein games?

I hear their soldier guy played a Nazi last year at the show. Talk about promotion!

PS: Hello!


Why Mr Schuur! How the heck are ya :)

Yeah, I did lose track of where I was, and being non-american I have no idea what an MP is if it's not a local politician who receives lots of faxes.

Definitely wasn't Wolfenstein. No nazis this year, thank god. Lots of Army though, real ones, rather disturbing, and there was a cop from the LAPD there (security I guess) who was looking at me curiously as I was scrutinising his uniform appreciatively, camera in hand. "Gosh, you look real!", etc. Swift exit.


The hot MP's were from Call of Duty. Rowrr!!


So did you score me any City of Heroes goodies?

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