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March 10, 2005



Please, a bigger line height. the text ist simply unreadable.


Um, it's about ten point georgia for me - what are you seeing? TypePad's auto WYSIWIG on text sometimes puts blockquotes into tiny tiny .8 font, but it's not doing it for me here..


Nintendo has a clear philosophy, it seems. Impressive. Particularly in this day and age. I really do hope they will make it because the world needs this sort of creativity. Come to think of it, it is ironic that all the while graphics have gone 3D, it seems the games have become 1 dimensional over the years.


I consider myself a fairly hardcore gamer and I remember being ticked at Nintendo when I heard the tech specs of the Gamecube as opposed to the PS2 and Xbox. I was sad Nintendo was "missing out" on all the great new technology they could be using.

Guess what console I have gets the most playtime? The Gamecube. Not because it has a faster processor or better video chip, but because the games are just fun. Especially in groups of friends. Hopefully Nintendo can prove to the development world that games don't have to be photo-realistic to be fun (personally, I'm not a fan of realism in my games. That's what life is for.) and that it's not the best graphics that make a game great.


The only question I have for Sataru Iwata, is when will the Nintendo Revolution come out?

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