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April 20, 2005



Interesting idea. Wonder if the kids will come up with anything revolutionary, or just derivatives like the majority of the real industry :D


bugger just too old, why don't they make it 21

Funky J

What, has Peter exhausted all his ideas on Black & White and Fable and now needs to steal kids ideas???


Claws in! There will be no words against the delicious Mr Molyneux on my site.


anne smith

Just saw this site. So disappointed for we have missed the closing date and my 13 yr old son is writing a story and making a game totally of his own initiative. He really needs advice on which is the best game-making software, groups to join etc. His ideas are fantastic! Any advice please!



At last kids can tell what kind of games they realy wand. But I'm afraid that it can be some violent ones.

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