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April 20, 2005


Pete C

Jesus christ. That's at least... five feet, maybe six (out of ten)? Most casual DDR players can just about manage 4, I've got my own hardmat and can barely scrape 6 on a good day.

I'm stunned, utterly insane. Almost as cool as the bloke with one leg playing DDR (I kid you not, can dig it up if you missed it).

Nebu Pookins

He's playing So Deep on Heavy, which is difficulty level 9 out of 10 (or 11, depending on who you speak to). It's also a relatively old video, perhaps a year old or more.

Quentin Smith


The video has been taken down. I can provide a mirror if someone wants to send it to me.



Coralized mirror is here: http://www.m90.org.nyud.net:8090/gallery/video/Qhrome-SoDeep0-3085.wmv

Pete C

Really that hard? It didn't look THAT insane (apart from the club juggling) but then I'm not quite a big enough DDR fan to be sure. :)


Right Pete. Meet you at the Trocadero. I'll bring juggling balls, and a camera. :)


Hah, I'd have to learn to juggle first. ;) It's insanely impressive, not arguing that, I just didn't think it was a 9/10 song. I mostly say this because I *was* at the Troc recently and there were a pair of asian kinds DDRing at far, far sillier speeds than that. Just without the juggling clubs. So much less impressive, obviously. :)

Nebu Pookins

I think it's given a 9/10 mainly because it's difficult to "read". The tempo is set relatively low for how fast your feet need to move, so on the screen, it just looks like a big blur of arrows. If you add a 2X speed modifier, it'll probably drop down to a 7.

BaG is another song, extremely slow scroll rate (60bpm?), but with 32nd beats. So give it a 5x multiplayer, and it's hardly harder than you stanrdard 4 or 5 footer. Because the arrows are so bunched up though, BaG is either a 9 or a 10 (can't remember off the top of my head).

Generally though, if you're at the point where you can do 9 footers (Captain Jack, Afronova, etc.), So Deep probably won't cause a problem for you at all, so I guess you'd say So Deep is one of the easier 9 footers.


"So Deep" is an odd duck. It's not really that hard once you get the rhythms down -- not that hard for 8 or 9 caliber players, I mean -- but unless you're in much better physical condition than your average video gamer, the sheer endurance required to finish the song can be a killer.

Most 9 and 10 step songs have a buildup, then a jump-freeze that holds for a few seconds to give you time to prepare before it kicks the difficulty up a notch. "So Deep" doesn't have any such break, it jumps right to taxing and stays there for the whole song.


im pretty sure so deep is a 9 simply because of the whole density and endurance required. i can do a few other 9's, but im still working on so deep... the steps are not that hard at all when you get them worked out cause it follows the song so well, mostly galloping... but i still cant last all the way through quite yet because of the sheer amount of stamina and endurance it requires. so of course its not gonna seem like a hard 9 for the DDR vet who's in great shape.


DAMMMMMMMM dat iz a 9 holy i can only do half of dat song in heavy....

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