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June 04, 2005


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Die Casemod-Seite Extrem Tech hat Bilder ihres Science Fiction Case Mod Contest gepostet: Dieses derbst geniales TIE Fighter-Casemod! [via Wonderland] [Read More]

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I'm a sucker for case modes and I love Star Wars, so you can imagine my unnatural euphoria for the winner of the Extreme Tech casemod. The thing is a giant Tie Fighter that serves as both the computer... [Read More]



Once you've got your pink drill and toolset, you can build yourself a pink desk to put your kitty office kit and dildo wifi on :D

Lewelyn-Bowen eat your heart out!


I just wanted to clarify this:

This is not "the" winner of the whole contest. This is the first *weekly* winner, but the contest continues through the summer. There's still plenty of time for people to get involved!


I want xbox 360° on a Tie-fighter model can u do it?


Awesome man! THat looks sooo cool ^_^

Good work!

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