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June 25, 2005



So, I was wondering just what the heck motivated Honda to do this wonderfully surreal game, and did some digging. At http://www.honda.co.uk/change/ I learned that:

1) Those are actually ear protectors the bunny is wearing (from having to deal with nasty old diesel engines), not headphones, as some people have posted. This explains why they are burned up in the BBQ at the end of the game. (I initially thought perhaps he was giving up recorded music on some sort of principle.)

2) It's part of a Honda campaign for a new, improved type of diesel engine. There's an ad that goes with it featuring Garrison Keillor, which is every bit as surreal as the game (and with better production values).

3) The theme of the game and the lyrics of the recurring song (hate something/change something) comes from the backstory Honda is promoting about how their chief engineer hated diesel engines, and refused to consider using them unless they could be vastly improved.


Amazing. Thanks Doug!

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