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June 07, 2005


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Bit like ARQuake then? Mmm, fraggin' on the bus...

h i r 0

The hardware's not too intrusive either: an attachment that clips to the arms of your glasses an extension below the eye. This is really useable stuff!


How do they manage the focus on that thing? when I'm looking at a bus, say a half a block away, anything right in front of my eye is going to be blurry.

Looks neat though.


It would be interesting to see this tied with RFIDs. So when you go to the store and hold up a can of soup, the HMD would display it's price and nutritional value (or such).

Phil Wilson

I guess you saw as well? Obviously not yet as well integrated, but pretty cool.


My phone has a game which uses the built-in video camera as both the playing field and control mechanism. It overlays targets on the image which you can then track by moving the phone. It's quite weird seeing things that aren't really there through the screen of your phone...

Irving Rodriguez

I would like more information on your heads-up display that can receive local data signals from a 2.4 GHz sorce.

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