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July 26, 2005


Phil Gyford

I'm not clear how that rant's specific to Massive, as opposed to any other advertising company in the world. It's easy to say that any form of (virtual or real) advertising is destructive to the ad or the experience it's situated in, but that doesn't (unfortunately) prevent it from being effective.

"We've got this great advertising idea... while people are watching television programmes, just as they're getting into it, we're going to just stop the programme and show them a few minutes of completely unrelated adverts! It'll be great!"

If one didn't know any better, that sounds like a crazy idea that no one would want...

Pixel Kill

It's rather closer to horrid website popups than TV ads. It's like turning on your TV and having to watch a 15 second ad *before* you can even pick a channel.In other words, much suck. We already bought the game for 30+ quid for crying out loud. :)

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