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January 01, 2006



Halokitty, harharhar ahhhh harharhar...

Seriously though. For all the guys out there, nobody but nobody messes with you if you rock hello kitty. I just saw this little hello kitty skully yesterday, and I'm totally going back 2 pick it up. I mean, if rockina pink and black hat isn't the epitomy of self confidence, I just don't know what is. :D


I want one! I know a few other people who would want one too.

ren reynolds

> For all the guys out there, nobody but nobody messes with you if you rock hello kitty.

I got Kitty product for xmas, so I guess I'm one bad MF now, or something :)




Brad Mrock

Hey, I just googled my name out of boredom and saw all the great comments you all said about my design! Thanks for the support, yeah it never got picked on threadless which I feel is a shame, but it's garnering some pretty big Internet buzz apparently, Cafe Press won't sell it for copyright reasons, even tho it's a parody, them's the breaks I suppose. But if anyone here knows a company who WILL print it, or if you want to help vote it up if I were to resubmit it to Threadless, drop me an email at bradmrock@gmail.com

Thanks again!

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