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January 19, 2006


Ian McD

Mithras was a serious competitor to Jesus at the time. Small nudge of the timelines and we could all be wearing smurfhats :).


This is similar to the codename Strathclyde Police use at football matches in Scotland.

They use "Officer Aries".

nick s

Iain Sinclair has a wonderful piece on the moving of the Mithras shrine in Lights out for the territory. Which, if you haven't read already, you should.


Crikey. Got caught in a tube carriage full of smoke myself once - just outside Shepherds Bush. The cool thing? I GOT TO PULL THE EMERGENCY HANDLE. Repeat - I got to PULL THE EMERGENCY HANDLE, for a real thing in a real situation! D00d! T3h R0XX0R! After that, all fear or perception of danger, frankly, fades into insignificance.

It turned out, it was crud falling off the brake pads and burning; it happens quite a lot. Symptoms - slightly electrical smelling thick black smoke pouring out of the ventilation slits at the back of the seats.

Result - standing on Holland Park platform with about a hundred people staring at me like I just cooked their puppy, because I'd interrupted their commute.

I *heart* the English. We take sanguine to an entirely new level.


Dark Age of Camelot has a "Tomb of Mithra" accessible in the Camelot Hills zone.

(I always thought that "Camelot Hills" sounded like the name of a cheesy 1970/80s prefab housing development. WELCOME TO CAMELOT HILLS. IF YOU LIVED HERE, YOU'D BE HOME BY NOW. In the game, it really resembles nothing so much as a haunted golf course. This has long given me the urge to make a survival horror golf game.)

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