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February 03, 2006


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oh god... I'm just imagining where the ghosts have to go when they get chomped :$


MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!


Least It wasn't Dig-Dug or Tempest...


That is unbelievable. I just got a tattoo, and my friend showed me this link. You have officially made my day. Thank you for finding this.


HAHAHAHAHA OMG best tattoo ever, so "hardcore". This made my day, thank you.

Monkey Tennis

It appears he still has his anal cherry


i've got a flickr set of the tattoos on my left arm as i got them:

i've also got these tattoos on my right arm:

Joe Lipson

sweet! but ewww, look where the spawn point is. If you own this bum I'd love to see it posted on


grrr Monkey you took my cherry... joke.

And we all know that taking ones cherry is the best game to play...




Ma da vero e questo tatuaggio?


Ma a me mi piace questo tattoo...

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