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February 07, 2006



That's appalling... a friend had similar issues with Game, who happily took his preorders before bending him over at launch date.

Personally - I found gameplay.com nice and easy, good service no stock issues...


You should befriend people that work in game shops, then you're pretty much guaranteed any stock that comes in. ;)


Microsoft's head start over Sony isn't going to be worth much if they can't fulfill the pre-orders before the PS3 hits the shops.


Pretty bad. Here in Asia (Thailand), the shops are full of Japanese 360's at quite low prices (about 250 ukpounds for the big pack) because they simply are not selling over there.

I'm *this* close to getting one, but have problems with the fact that some of the games don't appear to have been translated, or contain english text.


Though it's actually much harder to find a copy of We <3 Katamari at the moment..

HMV on oxford street only ordered in 25 copies, and Game next door only had one copy delivered ?!?


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Whoops! someone here was asking me about saturday, and I typed saturday instead of wednesday.

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