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March 23, 2006


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Today, Nintendo bossman Satoru Iwata gave his keynote speech, which Kotaku editor/blogging machine Brian Crecente covered in real-time. Our Alice has posted the entire speech, which is after the jump. It's just like being there. Well, sorta.... [Read More]

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For the last week I've been at the Game Developer's Conference in San Jose. I spent the first two days at the Serious Games Summit, giving two talks on Monday. Then I gave two more talks on Friday during traditional... [Read More]



im going to have sex with nintendo.

mister slim

Alice, thanks for the write-up. It's nice to get such detailed coverage of these events. The Phil Harrison keynote was also much appreciated.

"Some people bet their money on the screen [being the most important innovation], but we put our money on the experience."
That's the best encapsulation of the Nintendo Difference I've ever seen. Iwata is really a good fit for the company.

Chef Booyadee

Get in line.


Glad he mentioned Tetris there, Gives me a chance to gloat about the copy I have in my DS >:)

And wow, I heard Sega was interested...
Bring on the Shinobi! :D


You're welcome, Mister Slim!

GDC is *fun*.

mister slim

I'll bet GDC is a great place to find 10-player Tetris games.



My infinite and inestimable thanks for this. I was one of the hundred or so people outside who couldn't be fit into the auditorium, and was consequently mortified beyond belief. I only kept my fragile sanity in check by knowing that you with your press privaledges would be inside, reporting on behalf of those of us unable to be so - whether 3,000 miles away, or just ten yards.

Thanks again!


Aw. Glad to be of service.
Actually, by this point I didn't have a press badge, I was just lucky - spotted a buddy in the queue not far from the front.

Yes, I queue jumped, and I'm *british*.

I still feel dirty.


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