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May 06, 2006


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Check out these awesome retro video game shirts from Chunk in the UK. Best reason to wear these: when some young whippersnapper goes, "What the hell is that on your shirt?" can feel completely and utterly justified in smacking them with a tir... [Read More]

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I have one of these chunk shirts from a previous season where the lines on the shirt are lines of space invaders and right at the bottom is a little defender ship :D


I must have that Donkey Kong shirt!

Depeche Mike

Dammit, I was trying to save money...
Ordered the Blue Donkey Kong and black Breakout....
thanks a LOT!


There's a great shop in "Silicon Beach" AKA Brighton, UK that sells nothing but these fantastic tees.


Brown isn't really my colour but i'd wear that kong one, sure.


Ohhh and, sorry to double comment but the Hong Kong Poey one is 'on the list'. Cool!


These probably look best on a heroin addict type body.

dofus kamas

Ohhh and, sorry to double comment but the Hong Kong Poey one is 'on the list'. Cool!


How can I buy the frogger and dk polos?


I have to agree the Donkey Kong shirt is the best... But Where do I order it!!! Please someone help me!! I want it!!

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