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June 08, 2006



Because really, hyperrealistic 3d models of a shanty is what this world was waiting for.




The name of the engine is CryENGINE 2 and the team behind it is called Crytek, not "Infinity Labs" :)

Crytek made the 2004 classic PC FPS Far Cry.




That's not a photo? Holy Aunt Jemima!


While stunning, that video's really old. Check out some in-game goodness ones from E3 here and here

And this amazing one of a boss


Pretty graphics, but watching the E3 stuff, I found myself disappointed that it just the eye-candy for another first-person shooter.


My first thought was that creating content for that game engine must require a hell of a lot of labour. Add another zero to the environment building cost. ;)


It must have cost them a lot of money to rent out a section of an island, rent a tank, buy the video cameras, find a shark, all to film this.

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