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June 14, 2006



Surely it's not impossible to have hack something together. Isn't there a Google Earth API?
It's be way beyond my skills, and probably bandwidth heavy enough to be blocked by Google, but I wonder if it's possible.


There are a lot of rumors floating around Silicon Valley that this is in fact what Google Earth is planned to develop into.

Robert 'Groby' Blum

Are you sure you didn't mean tidbits...?

Chef Booyadee

...then someone would make a wargame and ruin it for everybody, though I think something like a worldwide snowball fight would be rad. But simply having a game where you could simply run across the Earth(well, really fast) would be great - imagine jumping from mountain to mountain 'n such.


LOOL thanks Robert, how embarrassing :)

Fixed it.


Hmn, I'm not really very excited by that. I'm excited by the concept, by the technology, sure - but it seems uninventive; for me, the joy of fictional worlds really is their architecture, the landscape, not just the fictional narratives I can construct within them. This is perhaps in line with how my tastes in games have moved further and further away from simulation - as a child, I was a hard-core sim nut, depressingly.

And once you start mapping realistically, it makes sense to start implementing other things - renderers, physics, etc, - realistically. It seems strange, say, to be human-size but flying around Earth (in a game, not application) context. If I was giant-sized, obviously I'd get over that. Similarly, sitting on a "real" beach watching a hyper-stylized sunset would be strange - I'm sure the visual tendency would be away from stylised stuff.

Which is a shame, because (I think) most of the *actually interesting* art design in the next five years in games is probabaly not going to be hyper-real. Despite next-gen graphics chips. Part of the charm of Azeroth *is* the architecture, the landscape, the styling of its weather effects; all, not just one, are fantastic. Right now, the tendency for realism is common and staid, and I think it'd drag your Earth-as-map concept down.

Now, if you had an MMOG where the Earth was only *part* of the default map... then that'd be awesome. MMOG version of Elite:Frontier?


There is such a game;
It doesn't use much of the maps, but it's a great start...


You can already start putting your 3D creations into Google Earth...


How long before Second Life links up with it?

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