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July 27, 2006


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» New Microsoft Flight Sim Gets Real from Kotaku
Microsoft is roping in digital map maker NAVTEQ to make its forthcoming flight sim all the more realistic. Flight Simulator X will feature detailed information of water and landscape environments. Alice at Wonderland writes that NAVTEQ is used by Googl... [Read More]


Steve Lacey

Navteq data was used in previous versions also.


I thougth Navteq data was only available in previous version from some of the higher priced add-ons. How do you know that it was included in previous versions? Proof?


About time some company made something like this. Someone created something VERY simple for Google maps though here:

Flight Simulator Yoke

Its a sad day when they ditch it all though. I hear aerosoft are making their own version.


Flight Simulator X is superb and still has a long way to go. I hope that fsx stays around for a while.

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