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July 10, 2006


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» The Zidane Game from Kotaku
No not soccer, this one's all about head butting an endless stream of clueless Marco Materazzis (or is that Materazzi?) in the chest until the famed French baller gets ejected from the game. Sure the game is a quick, exploitive... [Read More]

» Zidane and Materazzi fined and banned by FIFA from Info News To You
Former France captain Zinedine Zidane and Italy defender Marco Materazzi were both fined and banned by FIFA on Thursday after the head-butting incident that marred the World Cup final on July 9... [Read More]



That made me and the Mr giggle like loons.


It could use some powerups...


working flash game here:



Zidane Game

Zidane Game



Zidane Game

Here is the link to a working version of the game

Zidane Game




here is a 3d zidane game

important news...

...Sophie Ellis Bexter has been found head butted to death at the home of a
french footballer.

Police say - it's murder on Zidanes floor

Zinedine Zidane Game

Yeah, I peed my pants playing this stupid game. I was able to hit Materazzi, let's say 420 times in a minute, a feat deserving congrats.

Link to: Zinedine Zidane Game

Anyway, here it is, you need to grab zidane (white shirt) and drag him to Marco Materazzi and than to release him. When you release him, the game becomes interesting cause Zidane moves his head and hits Materazzi in his chest. Baaaam! Funny. Than he goes down, and you take Zidane and drag him to a new Italian player figure which comes from the right side of the screeen. There is no scoring in this game and it's pretty straightforward, yet for whatever reason I find it incredibly funny. Well, that was a long post and here is the link to the game anyway - so play for yourself and let us know if you liked it: Link to Zinedine Zidane Game


here new version zidane game

Juego de Zidane Materazzi

I believe Zidane should be prounounced insane!


Check out

They have 100's of gifs, games, and other Zidane crazyness! Post your gifs and games in the forums!



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