I'm Alice Taylor, and I started this blog aiming to cover social software and things I work on, but it inevitably gravitated mostly towards gaming (which is what I do most, and my sociable software of choice).

How come games? My dad used to take me to the pub when I was 7 or so: there was a Pac-Man there. And a Galaga. And there was Space Invaders at the pool. Four years later I got a BBC Micro. Frak!

Fast forward twelve or so years, and I discovered Quake. I was on the first UK Quake team, and although it was early days and everyone was relatively crap, I'm *still* proud of that. I played as DC_Crystaltips, and my nostalgia for those days of FPS is strong.

I'm currently CEO of Makielab, a new toys-and-games startup based in Old St, London. I used to work as Commissioning Editor, Education at Channel 4, where my mission was to get entertaining, internet-native products that just happen to be useful, to teens and tweens. So I commissioned a lot of games.

I live in London, England.

Find me on:

  • XBL: AliceTaylor
  • Quake4: Crystaltips
  • WoW: Crystaltips on Nordrassil (UK) & Eitrigg (US). Horde, natch.
  • Twitter: @wonderlandblog

(Any opinions expressed on this blog are my personal opinions and not those of my employer, goes without saying.)