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November 10, 2003



Yay on bringing the original stortrooper applet online again! Can't wait! :D (And sorry if I overstepped, but I didn't know where to go for the permission. I'll take it down if you want me to!)


No, it's fine - you credited, and it's not your fault they're offline, it's mine.
Rectified soonish, hopefully, with more wardrobes.

Now I really *will* have to follow through on this, eh!

A. x


You bet! ;)


Update: I haven't been able to launch them yet because there's potentially a deal in the pipeline, so I have to wait.

More later!


Gosh. I've been awful about this. Luckily for you lot, the deal fell through - but god it's hard to find time and energy to put this stuff together at the moment.

We have a site almost built - give me a nudge every now and then, it helps!



Please please please bring back the stor troopers app! We all had great fun using bridget's drag and drop one to make an office portrait. It's much much better than the daft wee meees.

A fan
x x x


Please bring it back! Be sure to get some sponsors on it as well... you'll be raking it in! I loved the original, so news of the sequel being much better deffo makes me quite excited!

I cannae wait!


Kim Jensen

Sorry to say this but I'd rather they never got back online ever again. Some years back a number of fans of the Stor Troopers program found it so much fun that they started creating what they called Micro Heroes which were superhero avatars based on the Stor Troopers design but instead of just asking them to credit Stor Troopers for the original design of the figures based on which the new avatars were made they got a cease and desist letter. The figures were made for fun by a lot of fans and Stor Troopers should be glad for all the extra attention this could have given them instead of acting like jerks.

I wonder how much of the character design for the Micro Heroes really had to be changed for it to be considered something different. I mean the body design of the Stor Troopers themselves doesn't really look all that unique and the body design was all that was used for the design of those figures. The program itself wasn't really used at all as several of the modifications used couldn't be done withing the program.

Kim Jensen
Former lover of Stor Troopers


Heh, Kim, you've just clearly explained why you'd have got a cease and desist. At the time, Stor was trying to make money from Troopers (from corporates), so anyone claiming troopers were theirs and not Stor's got a cease and desist.

The body design for the troopers I can attest are completely unique, considering I drew them freehand.

Either way, we'll be releasing them under a Creative Commons license for non-commercial use, which covers any fan art, so no more c&ds. However, links back are always nice (and polite), whether it's a right or not.. y'know?


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