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March 14, 2004



It was originally produced as a trailer to be shown in cinemas but it didn't make the cut. They've now decided to show it on FilmFour, because their viewers are thought to be broadminded enough for it.

Now, I don't watch TV or live in the UK so have no idea how I know that...


My wife just looked over and said, “AKMA???”

Thanks, Alice!



Sorry! I forgot. I'll put in a NSFW :)


Every night on "nation 277" (#277 on Sky only) is a genius show called Flipside.
Its a live 2 hour broadcast of a presenter and a three strong panel sitting in front of 3 TVs describing what they are watching on TV and you get to see it, whether its live football, movies, S4C, MTV2. (you don't get to hear it though) and thats it.
Richard Bacon (the occasional presenter) calls it a "human programme guide" which is a fair old description.
Its my favourite show on TV and occasionally you will change channel to sample some of its more bizarre recommendations/channels but incredibly I end up watching it for an hour at a stretch instead of "real" programmes. This is a channel of trailers with a reputation element built in.
James Brown (the publishing one) is the man behind it. http://www.flipside.tv/ is the terrible site (just a spam filled board). Bacon will also from time to time acknowledge their inspiration which is of course Sky Sports Saturday with Jeff Spelling where you tune in to watch ex footballers describe football matches that they are watching on TV.
"No flicking" said Larry Sanders. Not any more I just watch others doing it for me.


Damn - so you can't get it on cable?
We were talking about this last year, about 'personality' channels last year - in the multichannel world, but when you want passivity: "channel ops".

KNEW it was a good idea ;)
I'll never be a millionaire.

Rufus Cartwright

So polite to credit me for this link, but really you shouldn't have, it was briefly a blogdex.net No.1. And on the subject of blogging and intimacy, my blog is gradually spiralling beyond control. Only a tiny minority of my visitors are now actually known to me, and that does tend to reign in my more personal posts. However i've decided just to ignore the inner qualms, and post whatever I like. It's not a contest to see who can get the most hits, for me it's a lazy sort of diary.

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