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July 26, 2004


Cory Doctorow

It's a gag -- BBSpot is a kind of geekier, more deadpan version of The Onion. Lotsa people end up mistaking BBSpot stories for genuine computer news-of-the-weird.


Well, having moved my Recycle bin, I now feel serene and special. Feng Shui is my friend!

Miikka Luotio

I feel some bad wibes coming from my AGP slot, maybe its just ATX form factor :D

BTX is Feng Shui designed man!


Nice site you got here btw. Love the design


I'd suggest an empty folder in the "money" corner of your screen to increase your fortune, too! Fortune or money corner is the left hand corner, farthrest from the entrance. hmm, would the "start" button be the entrance...? if so, then it's good that you moved your recycle bin ;)

Feng Shui Girl

Seems like good decorating advice to me. Just remember to keep your home feng shui compliant.

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