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September 19, 2004


Ian Betteridge

Ha, I look nothing like my SWG avatar. But then again, my character's a girl so it wouldn't. If it looked like me, it'd be a wookiee.

Mick Lite

lol, this is my site, and that is my pics... I was checking some of the traffic stats and found this. Just letting you know I was working on the site to make entries automatic by the actually players, but it had so many bugs I ended up having more work on my end so I went back to doing it all manually. I have a lot better resources this go around and the site is going to be relaunched in the next week or so. It is going to include more than just SWG though. Games like Lineage 2, FFXI, City of Heroes, The Sims Online, DAOC, Matrix Online, xbox live players, and more. Check back soon :)


Avatars are awesome especially when people make them look like themselves. Check out Ajaa (Entertainer) she loves to show everyone what she really looks like and will even send you a MOD so you can get undressed with her =) Tell Alexis that you want to look like her Twi'lek character and she will have loads of fun with you. San Diego is the place to be.

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