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March 30, 2005



What do you know about this: http://www.ryl.com


errr www.ryl.net

David S

Reminds me of another Korean game I saw about a year ago, Pangya. But this one took it even further by being a FANTASY golf MMO... I can't seem to find the Korean page (which had some lovely art) but here's the Japanese homepage: http://www.pangya.jp/

I tried to play it but, embarassingly, I got stumped by the installer.


Damn fine idea, you ask me.


I think this might be the MMORPG to finally suck me in




It's a great game. I learned a good deal about golf while playing it. Not only is it free, but it's fun to read the poorly-translated English! See me online as Deg.


If you like,try it! If not, try something you feel interested, that's enough~!

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