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March 14, 2005



This makes me suspect the old Manichean good-versus-evil narrative is finally ready to be put down.

See, I hadn't heard of folks forming a Stormtrooper-only outfit. But when I read the whole story, I remembered how some Trek fans totally embraced Klingon lore and language long before Worf was a gleam in Gene Roddenberry's admittedly promiscuous eye. So why should it be a surprise that some fans would want to be Stormtroopers -- despite the off-putting name and despite their being created from the get-go as anonymous cannon fodder? Nobody wants to play Ringwraith that I know of...but that could change.

I hope we'll see some stories which aren't good guys versus bad guys, but opposing forces each with their own values and goals and individuality. The badass Empire and the scrappy Rebels will have their cheering sections but neither will be the "villains."

And then maybe President Axis of Evil will look even more out-of-date than he already is...

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