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March 25, 2005


Pete C

Almost makes me want to try the game again - the beta was pretty bad though that was mostly due to the dire frame rate. Nice idea to make the game feel more story driven rather than just the social+leveling aspects most MMOs rely on. Shame it still uses shards though rather than the EVE cluster system - I don't understand how they can claim the players are driving the story when there are multiple versions of the game world, what if Morpheus gets killed in one but not another?


isn't this almost like actors doing things for CD ROMs? why do they need actors to allow a 'world' to develop?


They're LIVE actors. This is very different from any recorded performance stuck into a game, either as an FMV or as a movie. Also, they're acting both in character and in avatar: emoting, movements, typing skills are all going to become part of the "performance skillset".

SWG did something similar recently by having Darth Vader visit a particular Guild "in person", so it's not a first - it's the fact that Warners have employed 20 people to do this on a regular basis that is though.

Hugh "Nomad" Hancock

Thank goodness. The publishers are finally starting to realise they're basically running a massive LARP, and they can add value by- shock - improving the roleplaying element.

Plus, actors are really, really cheap.

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