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June 10, 2005



Or else the whole thing was scripted and planned, not sure that the '30% chance of survival' thing rings true. Still very entertaining though.


bit harsh that us IE users at work cant access the page due to 'kool geekz' using firefox

Tony Walsh

I was sitting in a movie theatre a few weeks ago, when suddenly out of the back row a gaggle of lads screeched "Leeeeeroyyy Jennkins!" in unison. I think it might be a WoW-player mating call.


yea, due to the whole "32.33%, repeating of course, chance of survival" line i'm pretty sure the whole thing was staged... but all be damned if it isn't funny as hell.


I dunno. It would be SO hard to fake that, and so easy for it to happen naturally.. which is more likely?

Also, how did they keep it so straight? Just genius.


It's staged, but still fab. Here's an interview with the people behind it: http://played.todeath.com/05/june/html/page_19.html



Calo Nord

It was so funny I was about to go in my pants the first time i saw it!!

The Reverend Jody Hicks

Leeroy Jenkins Folk Song located at my url link.....Enjoy!

The Reverend Jody Hicks

Alex Kalil

I laughed so hard at this. Good job.
Also great job at being choise as Gphoria's Online gamer of the year. You dumbsh!t

Robert Bogdon

What if Leeroy Jenkins went bungee jumping?


Leeroy Screw Up Video

There's only one leeroy - www.leeroyjenkins.net

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