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August 02, 2005





Turn-based Wild West Strategy...

Where do I sign!!


Yes but *where did the rum go*?

Daniel James

I don't know nuffin' about no rum, pardner... but I do have some fine moonshine fer ya!

Re: chaps, I might get into trouble in this town wearing those... but I do have a new hat.


I see the transition from pirate to cowboy has - at least verbally - been seamless, young Daniel!

But really, chaps. I insist.

Mike Sellers

Well done, mate-- I mean, pardner!

Once again Daniel, I'm excited and just a bit jealous. Can't wait to see this in action.

Yeah, I might advise against the chaps... but c'mon down to Austin for AGC and we'll fix you up with a pair of right handsome boots. And a real hat if'n you want one. ;)


buttless chaps for all!

surup for some


Where do we sign up for this game?

You sign up at Three Rings's official site, www.banghowdy.com
And is anyone else thinking that this should be a party-based RPG?


how do i play it

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