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September 14, 2005




I would *so* pay for pictures of that ;)

Account Deleted

Oh, but it has your name on it!

Pixel Kill

Actually I think it has "Dreamy Night" written on it (really).

Pixel Kill

Oh wait, I think that's actually Dreamy Maid. Even worse!


Yes, well. Hmm. :)

Chef Booyadee

Are you sure about "Dreamy" Maid? I think it's "Do Re Mi" Maid*, like the musical tones, although if that's true, it's a bit frightening since there's also a kid's cartoon by that name(no maid outfits though).

I guess it gives it a sort of "Mary Poppins" or "Gone with the Wind" feel this way. *shudder* Although, I would totally accept it if there was some big burly guy wearing it in the picture - it'd just be funny then.

And where's the American McGee version of the outfit?

(*characters are "do re mi" rather than "do ri mi" -ドリミ, or even ドリーミ. Also the characters are spaced out rather than all in one place, so it's less like a word and more like sounds.)


Suspect you're right, never did quite get the hang of translating katakana, easy as it should be. ;) Had to learn Do Re Mi in Japanese as a kid actually. :(

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