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September 08, 2005



SSX, at it's best is a lovely game of relaxing, effortless'flowing' moments - Perhaps a nice contrast to the rest of Paula's day ;-)


SSX with only one (slightly wonky) analogue stick and only 2 shoulder buttons...

Wait and see for me I think..


SSX is the only sports(?)type game I'll play, So I can kinda understand your flatmate.

(21/22 days till Dawn Of Sorrows)

Seb Potter

Portable SSX? That's one of my gaming dreams come true. SSX Tricky was as close to a perfect game as I've ever played.

I've gotta go buy a PSP. :)


They've all been good, Although I found Tricky a lil easy after getting the hang of It.

Time to crack out SSX3 after I get home methinks...(Peak 3 is hard! :) )
Oh and my vote goes to Zoe everytime...The only character I seem to play, Why is that?

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