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September 20, 2005



No idea,

I cant even understand what its supposed to be there for.

I miss teen soap though, that was good viewing, did Tad ever get it on with Britney ?

Mr. Eddie

Well, I think:

A) It's probably a marketing ploy of some kind...the X-box themed forums seem to suggest that rather strongly.

B) The fact that you submit your profile to an email address and not via a web submission makes me rreeeeaaallly sure that this 'club,' even if real, is more exclusive than an ivy league post-sailing party.

But as a whole, the real turn-off is that these girls just don't seem real, precisely BECAUSE they are only attractive young pretty things who seem tailor made for a gamer's fantasy. Personally, I don't care what you look like, but I assume there should be some non-teen-magazine-model girls in there, and the fact that there are none says either this is a new 'underground' marketing attempt, or at the very best, a site full of superficial snobs who are also gamers...but first and foremost superficial snobs.


The forums seem to be open-registration, and I noticed the latest new user is Josie Nutter (josienutter.com), who I know is at least a real gamer/not a marketer; she does work in video games, though.

The general feel of the site give off weird vibes. I'm a girl in gaming, and I'm not compelled to try to join (looks too much like a vanity clique...).

Seb Potter

"You decide, because I can't work it out - girl gamers are like normal girls: all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours and fashions. This lot look like they walked out of a teen soap en masse."

Yes, because nobody on the internets would ever submit of photo that's not of them ;)


its softporn obviously.

Leons Petrazickis

Shills of some sort would be my belated guess. Hmm.

Account Deleted

Where are the nerdy girls?

Am slightly put off by the name of the site. 'Watch Us Game'? What is that? Sounds slightly voyeuristic. Or am I odd for thinking that? :-P


the one with the gun looks scary


PWNED BY A HOT CHICK = $$$! Casting for spokesmembers, I love it. Hey, submit a profile & see what happens ;)


Strange that the girl from Devon is weilding a pistol. Doesn't add much to the plausibilty of the idea given that handguns are illegal in the UK.


And now realising that i'm an idiot and that she's actually called Devon... duh, I'm an idiot. Please award me with your mirth.


Fake. The profiles are far too clean - barely a lol, or OMG in sight.


A couple of members of my clan are on that site (US members, of course); it's legit, but we've tried to contact the WatchUsGame people about what they're all about, and got nowhere.

Out of the entire demographic of girl gamers, you're going to get the sort who love plastering themselves over GamerTagPics, and this is an outlet for that, I guess. As long as it doesn't give the rest of us a bad name...


I like how there's an item on the home page that says "WHAT IS WATCHUSGAME? The mission"

It looks like it should be a link, but noticably isn't :) Obscure.

How long before UK:R or some other wag gets hold of this and sets up a spoof opposite featuring "typical" male gamers then? ;)


Once you've got that many members who look like models, how many new/potential new girl gamers are going to either join, or post up their pix? Sorry, but I'd feel totally inadequate against those others.

In fact it doesn't take many model-alikes before anyone else would be scared off; so it's self-perpetuating.

Maybe we shouldn't be scared tho - any other "normal"-appearance people want to join?

Ben Baxter

"It also exists to disprove the ever prevalent myth that girls don't play video games and/or all of the ones who do are anti-social with appearance and self-esteem issues"

Hence the pretty girls, people with appearance and self-esteem issues are obviously barred entry to the site on the grounds that they are outcasts. And surely having appearance issues or not has nothing to do with whether you like to play games?

Maybe I'm just being naive but do any of us really care what the people we play games with look like?


Ben: Judging by the number of guys who ask me my age, bra size and for a picture before even hearing me speak -- on Xbox Live, this -- I'd say that quite a few people do care.

Laurie: As I posted on the Guardian trackback above, one of the girls from my clan who did join the site right at the beginning attests to the very problem you highlight about scaring off new recruits...


Yeah, I'm not buying it. They're not all gorgeous, but they're all pretty and none of them are out of shape or even wearing something relatively unfashionable.

"Watch us game" is very voyeuristic, and it kinda objectifies the subject. But perhaps creepier is the implication that someone would get a kick out of watching a gamer if it weren't for the attractive women--I mean, it's kind of amusing watching someone twitch around and stare into space, but not exactly titillating.


I'm not sure I totally agree with that Jez. Asking you questions like that might not mean that they are bothered about what you look like. I think it's just their attempt at flirting.

One thing that the internet seems to breed is people with a lack of interpersonal skills. When people start gaming from a young age and become a part of a community, it becomes too easy for them to stay in and chat online than it is to go out and meet people. I don't think there is anything wrong with meeting people online, as the internet is just another medium for communication, but the fact that you can keep some semblance of anonymity makes it easier to do things you wouldn't normally do. For example ask a complete stranger their bra size.

Although I have no doubt that the majority of adolescent male gamers are extremely shallow when it comes to girl gamers.

Maybe i'm just talking crap though :)

Cherie Priest

Oh, I think the "Hot Topic" banner ad at the bottom told me pretty much everything I needed to know.


Wes: No, the awful attempts at flirting tend to come once the game's started. The pregame lobby requests for pictures are just guys hoping I'm a WatchUsGame type chick who would just /love/ to send them nudie pics of myself...

It's weird, I tend to play with a number of fairly socially well-adjusted people (on Xbox Live, at least; WoW has its own share of socially inept guys trying to create drama). It all goes fine until one of them actually realises I'm a girl. You know? Dude. A GIRL. Then they start getting all creepy on me. Fortunately I can deal with this quite easily, but I know it really freaks some girls out.

Beck Young

Hey guys,

Aktrez here... from the Watch Us Game girls site. Just found this blog and wanted to comment.

We are 100% real!!! It is so frustrating that we are being called out as fakes because we have attractive gamers wanting to join the site. The founders Brad and Lance put up EVERY profile that they recieve. We advertise the group on Myspace (in he gamer sections) as well as all over 1up.com

It's a new site... and when I came on board, it WAS more about the girls than for the girls. However, being in the industry.. as well as being a female gamer.. I saw the potential for this site to really be more FOR the ladies.

We are adding more community features, a whole section where women in the industry can post their profiles and talk to the girls.. etc.

However, I don't know what I can tell you about the girls sending in their profiles. No, not all the girls are skinny (look again). No, not all the girls are models. And no.. notall the girls are under 25 (I myself am 26 and we have a grandma joining our group too). However, We can't deny the applications... and now that we DO have so many pretty gamers.. those who aren't are feeling like they don't belong.

I mean, what are your opinions? The girls on the site are proud of being females.. and proud of being gamers. They are there to celebrate that. But, like in all things, the girls who don't feel as confident about themselves will shy away. However.. we WANT them to join.

I invite any of you to send in your profile (as long as you are a girl). We are REALLY accepting everyone. I gauruntee it. I just wish more diverse ladies would join the group.

In regard to GIG. That is my doing. I am the Captain. I am forming this group becaus e we have been asked by SOO many people for interviews and to talk to the girls. HOwever, with over 100 girls... marketing and PR is a NIGHTMARE. So, we are choosing (from the applicants) the best 6 girls to represent the site. Each girl will have their genre speciality.. and we are tring to get a great cross section of ladies.

Purely to fulfill the PR need we are experiencing. And again, we plan on making it VERY clear that these girls are just representatives.. they are not the entire site.

So, I hope that this clears things up. Many new plans in the works. Feel free to sign up on the forums and talk to some of the girls. It's a WONDERFUL community.. and I"m sure that you will be very suprised.

- Becky -

Brad McDougal

Interesting to read the comments.
Some good thoughts, although I'm a little baffled as to why no one tried to contact the webmaster.....
Thank goodness for "big brother." (Google)
Another notable "industry" person not yet posted, but affiliated with the WUG site is
Sophie Blakemore.
Changes take time.... but plans are in the works... and have been in the works.
Watch for them, or don't.
If there wasn't a demand for the community to exist, it wouldn't.

Brad McDougal

Ahhh, and to Jez.
There has actually only been ONE ocassion that the PMS clan tried to contact me. It was Athena, and I tried responding well over 10 times to the message she sent, but EVERY time the message was returned after a week.


Good lord. Can the management of WatchUsGame please bugger off now, thx gg?

Becky, your post was helpful. Brad, yours wasn't. Who's running that site, anyway? Let's hope it's Becky..


I'll admit, I shared the same thoughts and opinions you guys have about Watch Us Game the first time I visited the site, but then I joined the forums and talked to some of the girls there. I'll admit I was wrong. They're articulate, friendly, outgoing, down-to-earth women. And when it comes to their photos, who would want to post UNATTRACTIVE photos of themselves? I don't care how old you are, everyone of any age likes to feel attractive in their own way. If you had an opportunity to post pictures of yourself on the internet, what kind of pictures would you post?

I hope we get a more diverse crowd of women joining the site, and I'm sure as WUG grows, we will. I can tell you that the site admins wouldn't turn away any girl that sends in a profile (and if they ever did, I'd leave the community in a heartbeat). I think they're all happy to see women of all ages and sizes contributing to the great gaming community out there.

After reading through the site and getting a good feeling for it, I was impressed with the community. I sent in my profile a few days ago, and although I picked out some of the better photos of myself to post, I can assure you I'm a 'normal' girl who does nerdy stuff like playing musical instruments and going to anime conventions, and tries really hard to maintain a healthy BMI. Definitely not conventional model material! ( http://home.comcast.net/~pokerama07/me.jpg ) *lol* But I'm still proud to be a gamer girl and part of the greater gaming community.

I really hope you guys give Watch Us Game a chance!


BTW, on an unrelated note:

I LOVE the theme of your blog. I'm a huge Alice in Wonderland fan. :) (Which makes it even more authentic since you're a british Alice... nice!)


Hey- Im from that site- and we HONESTLY dont pick girls by thier looks, these are all the girls that have submitted thier profiles...

PLEASE put in a profile and come by the forums if you would like! Its really important that we get as many girls as possible, we DO want girls of all shapes, sizes, ages, races, etc. to be represented on the site!!

The site is actually about to be renovated as well.. the creators of the site never looked at it in a voyeristic way... its not like that at all...

if you have any questions, feel free to email me- id be glad to answer any q's you might have!!


Hello. I am a member of Watchusgame. I go by Feign there. I think you are judging us too harshly. I am NOT a girly-girl...AT ALL. I'm glad you think im cute ^_^, and im NOT skinny. Im 5'7 and i weigh 160lb...The forums are open to EVERYONE, so if you have questions, you can look around the site and forums.

Sorry. It has nothing to do with advertising Xbox, which i actually am not to fond of Xbox. We are NOT some kind of exclusive club. and i am real. I am only 22 but so what? We are a young site and diversity sometimes takes time.

Our profiles are too clean? STFU.
/me rolls eyes at wanderingsoul


oh jebus....some of you ppl are so MEAN. and dirty minded.

Watchusgame means NOTHING sexual, so Brinstar, get your mind out of the gutter.

Remember ppl, when you assume you make an [ass] of [u] and [me].

Maybe i should have been born less attractive, then maybe ppl would like me. The fact is that right now, all of you are displaying the typical reaction we get.

"Spoof? Hoax? Real? You decide, because I can't work it out - girl gamers are like normal girls: all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours and fashions. This lot look like they walked out of a teen soap en masse."

are you saying we are abnormal, maybe its time you change your veiws on what a "normal" girl gamer looks like.

In highschool i would have belived this.


For the record, I'm 26...and hate to break it to you, but we are indeed "normal" gamers. It's nice that you think we all happen to look like teen models, but maybe the real issue is "normal" girl + "geeky" hobby = "abnormally" attractive because for some reason you are expecting...what exactly? Pull your heads out of your butts and quit subscribing to stereotypes.

No application has EVER been rejected. Ever. And we are not about to go out and start kidnapping people with a certain look or body type and FORCE them to join. If anything, that would make people even more self conscious by drawing so much attention to the "looks" part, which is not what the site is about.

Sophie B

Goodness, I'm a "notable industry person", am I?

What exactly does this entail....?


Your very notable Sophie because you would have to be one of the most gorgous computer geeks going around.
Very notable indeed, Keep up the good work, lovin Spartan.


this is real. its true that not all the members are actively involved (coughnatcough) but she still plays halo 2 like every day so yea shes a gamer and dont say she isnt.

I can understand WHY you think it's a hoax, but its simply not, and I guess its just a coincidence that a lot of the girls are really good looking.


I made it to the site, it's legit. They definately screen photos though :)


One question, where are the fat chicks on this site?????

If there's no fat chicks on the site than its obvious its not about gaming.


It seems like the whole purpose of the site is to make money off of ads and sell t shirts. The pics and profiles are just to get people ot the website so these people can make money off of them for nothing.


Couple things...the watchusgame.com was actually started by girls. I am actually on the watchusgame.com thing...and you're all right. The only reason why I made it is because the manager of the site lives near me. He's a college guy around 25-ish. The guy wanted hot chicks for the site apparently. But the new layout now shows he's going out more. Besides, all the girls that were on there are gone and kicked off. Even I am. New girls are up. I do like their shirt though.

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