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October 17, 2005



Where, oh where, did you go???

Do you think the prince accidentally rolled all of the shirts up on his tour through the screenprinter's place?!


OMG! They must have discontinued it! Just after it was BoingBoing'ed and Kotaku'd too!

Crazy fewls. I shall email them. So should you :)


I placed an order while it was still available.. still haven't heard from them :(


Me too! And nor me, too!

I emailed them and said, are you crazy?! :)
It'll prob take a day or three for them to get to the mail though.


I hope so, because that is most certainly, how I roll.


Emailed them and they replied with the following:

The presale did not do as well as we hoped. Due to the very low amount
of orders, we took the product offline. At this time, we do not have
any plans to sell the shirt in the future.

If you have anymore questions, please feel free to ask.


Man, this sucks. What, did they give it only two days for preorders? No wonder they didn't get enough.


Someone is selling these on E-bay...


I came across this searching for a pic of the shirt...the creator of the designs is selling them directly. I don't know if he has them available anywhere online, though. The site is Stacatto Comic, and I bought one at Katsucon this past weekend.

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