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November 15, 2005



Hmm, interesting. Networks, whether social, technological or otherwise, seem to evolve toward this model anyway (see the book 'Critical Mass' by Philip Ball), but I'm not sure if that translates into game design.


I'll concede its a fun presentation :)

My first thought was actually 'christ what a horrible font'.

On a loose side note, I used to be a VR junkie. I tinkered, and soldered, and many a power glove has found an untimely death on my work bench. But I always ran against the wall of CPU power: there wasn't enough of it back then! Maybe I'll take another stab at it; CPU power has exploded (back then a P233MMX was the bomb) and it was so much fun! And I've always thought mouse and flat screen is a lousy way to interact with a virtual (3d) world. Sorry to go off on a tangent ;)

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