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November 03, 2005



Damn! I want one too! Although, I do like my current avatar: http://www.zen74758.zen.co.uk/WOW/titch3.gif


WAHAHA! I can forgive you for being alliance because you're a GNOME. I love gnomes. We rarely see them, you know.

Pixel Kill

Very nice work there. So you just send this person some screenshots and gold and they create this painting for you? Looks too dynamically posed to be a manipulated in game screenie.


Yeah, I don't think you there are any character animations that let you pose quite like that.
And yeah! Gnomes are cute! But I think Orcs have the best dance moves :D


Yes Pixel, from what I remember you send him screenies of your character, and he then uses his skills to pose them for the 'portraits', he's done soem stunning portraits... trying to find him again at the moment...


In an entirely plug-worthy manner, if you like this sort of thing, have a penchant for comic artists and have City of Heroes/Villains characters, well, stay tuned. And make sure you're at the Brighton Comic Expo.

End plug now.


*cough* www.comicexpo.biz *cough*

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