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December 12, 2005



I think we had the one on the left..

The gadgets and things that my parent bought for my elder brother have a lot to answer for!


I played something very similar here in the States, only it used a left-right slider to pick from between about ten games. Really, really wish we still had it just so I could find out what it was called...could have sworn it was an early Magnavox Odyssey, but what the internet calls the Magnavox Odyssey isn't what I remember.


Hey, I found it! According to this page, it was the Odyssey 4000! One thing that was tripping me up was that I could have sworn the games were in black and white, but now that I think about it, we were just playing them on a black and white TV!


That is TOO CUTE :) Playing in black and white!

I always remember telly in colour, even when we had b&w. Odd that.


I had/have the middle one... it's in my mums loft...


Managed to rescue something remarkably similar to the one on the left from my dad's loft before he moved. I have to say Pong is still weirdly compelling ... and the "squash" and "football" variants are even better tho perhaps that's just because they're the nearest I came throughout my youth to beating anyone at sport. It also came with some lightgun games but they never seemed to work properly


i wunder if you can sell them 4 a lot of $$$$$

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