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January 25, 2006



Interesting read... though I'm finding the way the stats are broken down in the 'importance' scale and also the type of game played in % breakdown isn't easy to get a handle on - a pie chart would have made it easier for my simple brain...


Visualisations are a pain, esp as left-brainers will see them differently from right-brainers!

Read the importance scale from left to right. As for percentages.. well.. have a cup of tea and a biscuit ;)


Excellent. I too have a bit of a problem with the flashy layout. Also, does it say more about the editing skills, or the ridiculousness of Sony/Nintendo/Microsoft/Nokia's choices that almost none of the console names are listed correctly? (i.e. PlayStation has a capital S, Xbox is one word but Game Boy is not, while N-Gage IS hyphenated etc.)


What a weird study... a "Heavy" gamer plays at least once a week?!... no wonder > 80% of the population < 24 years old fits into this category... and still 48% of the total from 6-65? Wouldn't that be considered the "Normal" or "Medium" then?

They should have a "Heavy" as something like "daily" and the current "Heavy" category as "Medium" and the Medium... light and the light... non-gamer!

Wonder if playing the snake game on my nokia counts?


Ah that was the last thing I was going to clarify. HEAVY simply denotes more than once a week (not ideal, I know, but LIGHT covered 3 months), and the actual responses were broken down into up to daily. Depending on age groups, daily is usually the majority.

It's a little tricky, but easily an area someone else can delve into more deeply. Wasn't super happy with the terminology, it has to be said, but as it's a descriptor (and there's data behind it which you can plainly see), we ran with it.

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