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January 30, 2006


Melissa Della

It is an excellent point. You just have to be careful/thoughtful about how you do it (see exhibit A: SWG).


I agree to a point - the Harry Potter is a good example. The world of Potter is an insular one - so few references have been made to anywhere outside Hogwarts as yet... whereas Middle Earth for example is a developed world, large and expansive with multiple races enveloped in a multitude of problems. Become a dwarf, and elf a human etc...

Star Trek is the same - become a Vulcan, a Romulan - all with their own heritage and own life-paths to follow - differing starting areas, unique quests.

Some IPs will make good MMORPGS, some will make good 1P games.

Potter is a story - an engaging one - of a boys life seen through the eyes of a boy.

LOTR is a story about a world - seen through the eyes of many.


IMHO the biggest factor is the cost of the licences themselves, all that money will come from development costs, which hurts the game.

ren reynolds

I just want someone to get on and to Dune. There is already a film and a mini-series, and a number of book cover version so a wide range of visual styles assoicated with the world.




'ol blue eyes?

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