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February 07, 2006



Have you read the comments on that link? It's really very very scary, and quite depressing.


A gay pride festival sounds brilliant!! Just the way this should be handled! It scares me when legal companies start getting involved in worlds of play, not that Blizzard doesn't need a reprimand! They certainly do! But it would be so much more beautiful if the players themselves did it...in-game!!

Account Deleted

I was annoyed by some of the comments there as well (and wanted to reply), but unfortunately being able to comment is invite-only. :-(


Happily enough, Spreading Taint, the Horde side of the Roughtrade guild hosted a Pride march last year on the Proudmoore server. Appropriately ending at Booty Bay :) Everyone wore pink shirts and robes for the occasion and we heard almost NO homophobic remarks. Neither were we bothered by any over-reactive Blizzard administrators.

Guilded Lily

Thanks for your post, I had missed this somehow. That was sure some scarry stuff in the comments section over there! Hate, fear and bigotry are alive and well in the virtual world. Is it that people feel they have a right to oppress in a virtual world because it is "make-believe", since they can't get away with it anymore in their real life? Or that they feel cheated somehow when they discover they can't? The lack of consequences in a game enviroment end when there are other real people involved. If they aren't aware of that then perhaps they need to avoid the MMO's and stick to single-player games.


Sorry, the game is seriously better off without politcal, religous or sexual orientation groups. Its a fantasy environment, what better way to ruin it than by introducing special interest groups. This is a stepping stone case, next thing you'll have politicians lobbying in game. GG


What I want to know is why simple people like me can't enjoy a game without fucktards like ya'll feeling to need to interject political bullshit into it. I AM SO FED the F*** up with people turning the entire universe into their own personal political soapbox. Blizzard is right to ban queer only guilds as they should also do with guilds that only accept straight people. Some people just want to be left alone to play a G A M E in MOTHERF***ING GODD*** peace.

And this sort of BS comes from both sides of the aisle. There ARE appropriate times and places to discuss politics and socio/economic/whatever views, and I for one enjoy discussing said. BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD CAN WE JUST ENJOY OUR GAMES IN PEACE WITHOUT FRACTIONING INTO LEFT AND RIGHT ALL THE TIME?

Please grow up already people!



oh and sorry Alice. I just needed to get that off my chest.

*grins sheepishly*

Guilded Lily

Hate much?


wow I just read the entire comments thread over on Kotaku, and HOLY S*** I can't ...I still find it hard to believe that people on both sides of the aisle can be so irrational and immature. Really people, for society's sake, put aside your differences, and open up a dialogue like mature adults.

Just Because someone has a different perspective on life doesnt make them a bad person, but you, YOU need to take responsibility for your own actions and beliefs, and, to the best of your ability step into one anothers shoes BEFORE jumping down each others throats.


Hows that Guilded Lily?

Guilded Lily

Thank you, the reasonable dialogue is appreciated - easier to read too, without all the CAPS shouting and swearing.

I actually agree with what you are saying now, but it is the apparent lack of responsibility taking in-game that seems to have lead to this issue in the first place. Any large collection of humans inevitably produces the same intolerant behavior – equally tiresome in game environments as it is in real life.


Heh, I was about to have to *discipline* you, Stealth43 ;)

BTW - Gaymer, that is the coolest news. Did you get any screenshots, by any chance?


Thanks guilded Lily :) When I re-read my first post I realised that it might give people the wrong idea about me. I'm all for whatever people want to believe, right up to the edge of reason and taste, and thats really whats at issue here, people making arguments that since LGBT friendly guilds are allowed, Nazi friendly guilds should be as well. Its a slippery slope of course, and what bothers me more than anything, is ...well lets say the inverse of a gay friendly guild is straight friendly one (for the sake of argument) the hypocrisy of people who wish to have one but not the other. Its the same irrational rationalisation based around a particular persons socio-ethical/moral that people use when suggesting that we gay marriage be illegal while straight marraige isn't. All I ask is consistency.


'All I ask is consistency.'

and a good proofreader...c'est la vie

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