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February 13, 2006


Pixel Kill

It mainly seems to be UbiSoft that use StarForce, sadly that means I've currently got it installed for Chaos Theory. Once that's clocked I'll be nuking it from my PC though. When will they learn that nasty copy protection like this only hurts legit consumers?

Account Deleted



They also issued a challenge for anyone who prove that their software was malware/spyware.

The catch: you had to fly to their headquarters on your own dime. If you won the challege, they would pay and give you a hotel for three nights.


Wow. Would they then recall every copy of their product, I wonder?


Son of a bitch. I got starforced! Think I just figured out why my DVD writer keeps failing. I've wasted about 10 DVDs trying to back up stuff.

Must of got it with trackmania nations


I had it too. Cleaned it off now. Thanks for the notice.

Mr Marsh

I had it without realising (I'd reviewed Trackmania a few years ago, so it must have been on since then. Eek!). The removal tool worked, thankfully.

the funny part is when nobody showed up for their challenge, they decided this was proof positive nothing was wrong with their software. http://star-force.com/protection.phtml?c=83&id=804

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