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February 25, 2006



Well, we got the gif, so all we need is a tee and an iron-on printer transfer...


Errorwear has them.

David T

Torrents seem a little excessive when it's there to download from Channel 4's website...


By download do you mean the drm shackled wmv stream that might work on a windows pc and nothing else?

Somehow I don't think the creators would have a problem with the torrents There's a lot of creative communist type props in the show: EFF stickers, "Fair use has a posse" blurb and generally pro open source stuff. The props department must have digits of ebay +5!

Well said, Tig.

David - I'm on a Mac, and often out of the country. The C4 versions are UK-only and Windows-only. Torrents are universal!


heh, I had that t-shirt delivered to me by accedent. You can Order it from here.


You mean there's more to it than the most superficial of stereotype based cheap jokes and the occasional bit of slapstick? You mean I shouldn't have stopped paying attention to it after 5 minutes as being one of the more painfully bad sitcoms I've had the misfortune to channel hop past? Say it ain't so.

On the plus side, it's better than Hyperdrive.


I tried to watch it, but what's up with that freaking laugh-track? It's just so THERE, not every once in a while, but ALL THE TIME.

Halfway through I switched turned it off, and I'm really not going to watch it again, eventhough I kind of liked it.

It just made me feel stupid. Do I want to watch a show that is being watched by people so stupid that they can't figure out for themselves when to laugh?

Really, I have heared having a laugh-track is kind of mandatory in the States, but really, it just makes me feel like an idiot.


Yep, push past it, it gets really funny.

I agree though - it's OTT, and just wrong (there are NO geeks like Moss), but .. you forgive it. Promise.



I agree. It grows on you like a windows regsitry.


You mean it grows on you like you lower your expectations and find watching idiots with a laugh track are really funny?
Or it grows on you like you go back and watch the first two episodes and think "wow, that was bad, the current episodes are actually much better"?


Alice - I've met one person like Moss. One nerd, in a lifetime of being surrounded by geeks..

Still, we'd like to think there are more.

As for the laughter track, I read it was filmed in front of a live studio audience; that certainly seems true, from my limited experiences with live comedy versus canned laughter.

And despite my doubts about it, amen to the "better than Hyperdrive" comment...




and I believe ( after looking at the tshirt ) that is the highest score possible to get on pac man

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