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February 12, 2006



Yeah, it's kind of revolting. I looked a little deeper, and became confused. Now I'm intrigued.

The developers are from Hungary.

Here's the game in the developer's own hilariously broken English:

The game delivers a completely new perspective into the meaning of “war against the terrorism”, presenting ultimate sacrifice, valor, heroism and honor, gives new meaning of treasons and lethal secrets, presents an epic adventure, where the fate of the world depends on alliances, on trust and on those few brave men and women whose are not fear from the consequences and able to face and fight against the deadly unknown. WOFOR – War on Terror uses an until this time never seen and experienced story line mode, using a special story telling method inside and outside the missions, where all three sides plays parallel with each other, all the missions have their cause and effect, their own consequences on the other sides.

Didnt they already make the best "war on terror" game with September 12th? (http://www.newsgaming.com/games/index12.htm)

Account Deleted

Just as bad as Kuma\War. :-/


"gives new meaning of treasons and lethal secrets"

Woot! Since this is an RTS I'm anticipating the ability to create a Guantanamo Bay building to increase my Authoritarian Resources. I hope those 'lethal secrets' are phone-tappings and flying prisoners through European airspace.

This could shape up to be an excellent little game!!


maybe we'll finally be able to find some weapons of mass destruction


LOL bigwig - touche :)


Quick question: Why is this so terrifying, or wrong? The online community seems to be reacting poorly to the idea of this game and I'm not sure I see why.

This is an honest question, too. I really don't know.

Account Deleted

Perhaps people are sensitive to creating/playing games based upon wars that are either very recent or are not even finished. The WWI, WWII games are based upon events that, generally speaking, are not remembered by players -- meaning that they either did not live in that era or have no concrete memories of what it was like to live during wartime.

Kuma\War episodes were being released just months after battles in Iraq took place. It adds to realism, yeah, but there is also an element of trivialising war by making games about it when soldiers in those battles have recently died or injured. You could argue that all war games, even WWI war games, are like that insensitive, but there is also the benefit of time and historical distance in those cases...

fluffy bunny

I don't see the problem at all, actually. Yeah, it's got the word "terror" in the title, but the content doesn't seem to be different than what we find in Generals, Act of War and these games. And far less offending than, for instance, Kuma/War.

Plus, I really like the look of the game. Lovely graphics, some nice gameplay ideas. I like much of the devs previous work as well. This'll definitely be an underdog in the RTS market, but I have a good feeling about it.


Does the passing of time really make it any better? Sure, we don't remember World War 2, but does that really make Call of Duty games any less disrespectful than War On Terror? Or does it just allow us to enjoy a higher level of disconnect from the actual events?

War games have a lot of potential for thoughtful reflection, but none of them ever really seem to fulfill said potential. The war being a long time ago doesn't change the depictions of it being shallow.

And as it is, it's not like there weren't plenty of World War 2 war films made during World War 2.

Wilf Coolah

i think that this looks like a much better game: www.waronterrortheboardgame.com


i think the game dosent seem insensitive to the issue but i think it would be seen as insensitive to realtives of soldiers who were injured or killed so for that reason i think it may be in bad taste


i just wish they would ban war games full stop they are getting far too real and people are taking them too seriously

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