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March 25, 2006


Cormac Russell

I see no sign of you actually putting the latop down slowly and backing away.


I can't believe you're sat behind me and typing that. :D

Cormac Russell

Heh, what good is technology if we don't overuse it. Grab me some chips? :)

Thomas Malaby

Thanks for the great report, Alice.

There was more pleasure and excitement in their active failure than in their success.

Actually, studies of gamblers have shown this repeatedly. It's the experience of engagement with contingency itself, rather than simply success or failure, that matters.


very interesting, thanks! Is there anywhere where the papers / presentations can be found? Maybe even a video? That would be great!


My battery did not die, and hence #0 plus the location of the slides are available on my blog now:


Jane McG

The slides and handouts (with links to the full text of all of the studies online) are at www.avantgame.com/top10.htm . Woot!

Brian 'Psychochild' Green

A heroic effort in transcribing these sessions, Alice. Very well done.

I found #6 interesting, because I had observed that often: people accused of cheating tend to get a lot of reports against them because the perception becomes that they are cheaters. It becomes hard from a CS point of view because people feel you are lax on cheating if you don't ban all the "cheaters" reported. It's good to see some research backing this up.

My thoughts,


Woot indeed! Thanks Raph and Jane!


I wonder if this'll work: "But wait, don't kick me! Studies show that you're far more likely to falsley identify cheaters due to this games reputation for having cheaters!"

I've had exactly this problem with COD2, getting kicked for doing too well.

I find #9 and #4 particularly relevant to BF2 and COD2. It's always frustrated me how no one is trying to tackle the problem of player-cooperation beyond tacking on voice chat.

One big problem with cooperation in these games is how death comes too quickly: even if two players try to stick together, the game is against them as soon as one of them dies.

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