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March 23, 2006



His keynote was so awesome.

Darth Pixel

I really like Will, but shouldn't we avoid forming a cult around his personality?

Will designed 2 greats games SimCity and The Sims. That's 2 great games.

Let's keep the adoration in proportion.


I rather like SimEarth myself. Still drag out an abandonware copy of it myself to toy around in experimental mode every now and then. Of course, I used to be a geology/paleontology geek.;)

And SimCity 2000 is rather different from the original. Haven't tried SimCity 4.

Cormac Russell

This isn't about a cult of personality around Will due to the games he made that are commercial successes. This is about a cult of personality around him because he gives good talk. Also he's really smart, and does amazing powerpoint slides. He's been this cool forever, I've been going to every GDC talk he gives that I can make it to for the last decade and he delivers on expectation. :)


Only 2 great games, eh?

How many great films did Kubrik make?

It's not about quantity.


Will Wright's obsessions take him into areas of thoughtful learning that then become deeply fundamental to the structures of his games. Structures that by the personal nature of his process are very unique in gaming (especially today). For this, as well as his ability to continue creating, Will Wright is an admirable figure in game design. tinyurl.com/fehrb

SimAnt FTW


I think we have far too few public heroes in the game industri. We need as many as we can get, as our meduim is a lot less individual than the other media industries.
One of the reasons I find it important is for new talents to get inspration. It is hard to adore a company, much easier to fall in love in a person. (Eventhough some companies pulled it off like Nintendo and Apple)
Let Will be cult!


Don't be ridiculous. This isn't a cult following. Will Wright is a *personal* hero. Now, if only I could find the second half of the keynote...

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