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April 28, 2006



If it wasn't a word for "urine", it'd be fine. But as it is, Nintendo have a lot of trouble appealing to that gamer stereotype - the teenager who thinks their stuff is for kids, and wants hardcore violence because violence is hip, or whatever.

That person is not going to buy a Wii. And there's a real chance adults will find it stupid too.


ZOMGBBQ!!!1 teh neu nintendo iz named after pee!!111!!lololololol!etc etc.

People would have to pretty stupid not to buy a console based on It's name,And I don't think Ninty care about those people much.
I don't care what they call It...I'm still getting one.

I still have a problem with it personally, but I mentioned it to a mostly-non-gaming friend last night, and she loved it. As long as you hear "wheee!" instead of "wee" the name epitomises frivolous fun.


Should've called it "BANZAII"


I like it, albeit a little unexpected and the wee thing is brilliant. Theres really no hope of keeping a straight face while asking the Gameshop guy for a Wii.

He's never going to get bored of that...

I wander if they'll keep the same name for all the regions, reminds me a bit of when Toyota thought it was prudent to rename the MR2 for the French market.

Pixel Kill

Will you be queueing for one?


I'm totally with you on this one, Alice.

I think it's genius. It's already made a heck of an impact and Nintendo have already said they're not trying to compete directly with Sony/Microsoft so why not be a bit 'mental' and have fun. It's what Nintendo are all about after all. And if it puts off all the over the top gamer spoons so I can play against 'normal' people then all the better.

The only downside is all the terrible puns. Regardless, Nintendo will always 'number one' with me. Doh!


The only place that I've encountered "wee" being the word for urine or the act of urination, in common usage, is in Britain (and probably its former colonies, except for America).

And in Scotland, the most common usage of the word was to mean that something is small.

I don't know... Seems a little self-centred to think that everywhere in the world has the same usage for the phonetic sound of "wee".

Everywhere in the world? No. The largest consumer market for electronics in the world (except for maybe China. Not sure of the numbers on game consoles there)? yes.

While I know that Nintendo is aiming to get people who don't game into gaming, and therefore that they're not so worried about making the hardcore male demographic happy, the few friends who I know who've heard of this name change have all responded negatively (no, they're not all male, nor are they all hardcore). I realize this isn't exactly a scientific sample, but it still makes me concerned for Nintendo's chances.


One of these days I'm going to remember to type in my blasted name.


As far as I know, America has a different usage for the phonic sound of "wee" than England or Scotland do. Various European countries probably think of the name in a different way too. Not everywhere in the world uses the pronunciation the same way. So I still stand by my point. It is self-centered for English speakers to believe that every nationality will have the same judgement of the name that they do.

People are so concered about Nintendo's chances, and yet they're the only console company that has made a profit on their systems from the get-go. Nintendo is in a very stable financial position. They know that they don't have electronics divisions or software divisions to prop up any unprofitability in their gaming division. Nintendo is only about games. I think they will do just fine in expanding the market. The games industry can't thrive if it continues to sell to the hardcore.


no, no. In America, Wii is all about urine.


I think you've all got entirely the wrong end of the stick.

Clearly they're going specifically for the Newcastle market.

It's all a question of pronunciation ...


I think you've all got entirely the wrong end of the stick.

Clearly they're going specifically for the Newcastle market.

It's all a question of pronunciation ...


Got Piss?


I will always think it's a wank name.

Like Ubuntu or whatever that hell that Linux distro is called

Cormac Russell

Yeah... the name really strikes me as ridiculous. Revolution sounded fine, this... not so fine.


Something that struck me was that "Revolution" was a pretty bold name. They were stating that it wasn't just a new game console, but a fundamentally different, paradigm changing device. By not going with that name, they've essentially backed away from that implicit claim. The fact that they replaced it with a name that is, at best, silly didn't help.

It *is* fair to criticize the name from an English-centric point of view, since the name is clearly designed to resonate with English speakers (given Nintendo's statements about its "meaning"). I'd be surprised if native English speakers were consulted, however. Nintendo seemed unaware of the possibility of it being read as anything other than the first person plural pronoun, so it ultimately comes off as sloppy Japlish rather than a carefully designed international product.
I'm not sure it's all that much better in other languages, either. For instance, in Scandinavia, it'll likely be read as "vi," so the intended connotation will be there, but in France, it'll sound like "oui." Not exactly what Nintendo was aiming for...


What I don't get is that they could have used any letter other than W, and the meaning wouldn't have changed much and it would avoid the connotations with urine. If it was the Vii, or the Mii, or the Tii, or ANYTHING other than Wii, none of us would really be snickering behind Nintendo's back and it would still be all the things Alice said.

I think it sounds childish more than it does playful and girly and metro. Again, Nintendo have failed to cast off their playground image, and while it might seem petty to avoid the product for that, it certainly isn't going to swing me to buy one.

Ben Harris

I half expected the picture to be of someone flushing a toilet.


Well, if you're gonna design a console that looks like a midget's portaloo (the GC), then it's only logical to name it's successor after the act.

this is just stupid. the nintendo wii is meant to represent the sounds "whee" meaning a sound one makes when having fun, or "we" which is all of us. also, the two Is in wii look like two people that can play video games. it's all about the fact that anyone can play regardless of backround or gaming experience. revolution was the question, wii was the answer

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