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May 14, 2006



"(although their angle is pretty curious)"

How is it curious?


I've been thinking about recreating my old (now shut down) university campus in 3D for a long time now. I could do it in SL, but it would cost me upkeep - maybe i'll look at sketch up, free is great, but it'll be a lot more meaningful if it can be walked around!

Wooo for teh metaverse!


Curious because it's quite homegrown and doesn't have avatars..


I understand. Only to me it's not curious because it has something most virtual worlds still don't have: a close tie to real world advertising. And that's what Google is really all about.

If you look at the GE virtual world from a non-gaming perspective, what they're doing makes pretty good sense... especially if/when it's tied into cell phone location-based tracking and targeted advertising.

I suspect MS will follow shortly with their own system, only they might approach it from both sides: the AR and the VR/games. Whatever they do, this should all turn out to be fascinating stuff to observe.


Difference is Microsoft will try and charge a silly price for an inferior product. It sadly seems to be their way...

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