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May 02, 2006



Blighty will miss you. /emotear.

Joost Schuur

Conratulations Alice! Of course, I'll never see you, since I only ever make it north of Orane County for E3.

Being swept across the pond for the gaming industry is fun. You'll probably never leave ;)


Congrats! I've been living in L.A. for the past two years (and also in the gaming industry)..alot of great stuff to do here (just got to get used to the traffic).

You should hit Versailles Restaurant off of Venice Blvd since you might be near Venice Beach. The best cuban food around. :)


Ooh cuban! LOVE cuban food. Thanks Bebopr.

And I'll be back to Blighty fairly often :)

Pixel Kill

W0nderand leaving drinks in London with all and sundry invited? Surely a solid gold plan. :)


Ah good. I was wondering what was going to happen with that one!

You'll have a great time. Hope the jobs thing works out, otherwise, you're in the right place for surfing and sunbathing for a living :)


Huzzah! I head about this from the Hammersley. All exciting and good and sunny news. You'll be tanned and muscley and rollerskating in no time...


OMGWTF!!11!111oneeleven! Wah! Who will I have coffees and moans with? LFG MC1D6 Tauren Warrior / Development Producer, Starbucks or any instance.

You're going to have SO much fun. You lucky thing. Yay for the jetset lifestyle. We have to do that dinner with James W before you both dissapear into the shiny toothveneer'ed future.

>tanned and muscley and rollerskating in no time...

Rarrr! Can I visit?




Me, muscly? Hah! Those days are long past, my furry friends.

As for a leaving do, oh I'm sure we'll rustle up *something*...

And lastly, it's not going to change much, just my blogging times. I won't be living in the future any more: West Coasters are the last to wake up and get on with things, meaning they're also the last to hear about things. Which frankly makes Silicon Valley a bit of a miracle, dunnit?



I'll be in the future!


Gratz on the level up Alice :P A leaving party sounds like a top-notch idea, too. :)

Robert 'Groby' Blum

Excellent! Welcome to Lala-land, then. Should you ever find the time in your jet-set lifestyle, you're invited for welcome drinks ;)

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