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May 26, 2006



This makes me think of when I was in LA recently and got lost driving up to the Hollywood sign. I asked a random group of guys for directions and as i was pulling away to driven on they all shouted "OH AND WE ARE SORRY ABOUT BUSH! PLEASE FORGIVE US!" That made me laugh.


Joseph has been quietly doing work of this nature for years (his Quake Friends is one of my faves). However, his work has finally found an angle that really resonates with current events - and will hopefully register beyond a headline or two.

In the immortal words of American consumerism: "Go Joe!"


I love the idea!

It's almost as good as signing up for the Iraq war and not fighting!


i'm sorry. but that made laugh. not to say that it's a laughing matter at all. no. just...let's remember that people really do have a choice. you don't HAVE to join. i mean you have to know that if you join there's a pretty good chance you'll not come back no?

still, great protest. i'm sure it'll get him noticed.

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