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May 12, 2006



I signed up for Second Life last night, and spent a while wandering around wondering what the hell it is people do in this place!

This gives me a reason to log on again!!

Ps. My SL name is Sharper Weeks. See you there.


Radio 1 in Second Life? Wow.

I think I'm going to log into Second Life tonight and give my avatar (Torvus Overdrive) a much-needed makeover. I hate the way she looks. I made her look really weird. :-P

Events like these are neat!

Dundee, huh... Most of my experience of Dundee were trips to the city centre where annoying school kids wandered about swearing and causing a ruckus, and once to the Royal Infirmary to visit a sick ex-.

But one of their arcades had some decent games, so yay for that.


Is this going to be advertised on the One Big Weekend website or on the Radio? I've seen nothing about it other than on here.

Also, i take it that it's not availible yet, as i can't find it in SL atm. I'll try again in the morning!


Just installed and setup an account, so very new and learning the game. I'm Synavrian Morenz ingame, see you all there tomorrow! (wd all at the beeb for sorting this out, very forward thinking :)


Yep it opens in the morning. I expect this may end up being chaos - but what fun chaos!



Cool, morning it is then.

As long as W-Hat don't turn up we'll be fine! I want my Radio 1 Tshiiiiiirt!!!


Can't wait this is going to be fun - someome loet me know how to find it please! - SL name Lee Keen

Peter Cooper

Whenever I search for Radio 1 under Places, I get "None found". Can't find it under Events either.


According to a Prim dropped at Cactuswrap Chillout Lounge by CJ Christiansen, the BBC Island opens at 2PM GMT

That's all i know so far.


For those looking, you need to search for "BBC Radio 1". Actually, just plain "BBC" will do the trick.

wrt "digital radio to take away with them, which will broadcast Radio 1 in-game, wherever you are", I had hoped this would be true. The radio actually uses the URL linking ability in a script to open your browser and link to a mediastream - WMP or Real. So it's not actually "in-game". I had hoped that this was the added functionality that LL has hinted at recently.


It was a great event, and as a lot of the brits pointed out, good to have an event on UK time.

Secondlife already seems to have reached a good level of maturity, and possibly a tipping point.

I have been trying various things out the last few months with some of my collegues on our own time. It is great to see companies getting involved in the metaverse, as well as the residents really enjoying the gig. see eightbar.com

It was great to see how quickly the SLers picked up on it and we gravitated to the event.

I also thought it was great to have the builders in there to talk to and it helped us all feel a bit of ownership just by attending.

Well done, nice one. Epredator Potato

kenneth graham

Is there another concert event in Dundee this year & when is if any . I find the concerts exciting and being a executive chauffuer I get to meet all these famous and important people . Did any of these vips have a tour around Dundee or other parts of Scotland when they were there? what was their impression of Dundee and the people? ken graham pembury tunbridge wells kent

Virtual reality world

Are you still having concerts these days. I haven't looked into virtual music festivals so far. Something I should do.

snes roms

I wanna throw a virtual rave ! :)

Peter Krikels

wow! nice!!!

...A post I read a while ago over at

...A post I read a while ago over at

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