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June 21, 2006



Yeah, I've mine set up for a while now.

Problem is, my router's been F***ed up for a while now, so I can't connect. My 360 voice is saying I haven't played but I have! I swear I have! I earned some acheivements for you, 360 Voice! Don't be angry with me!



even i have one and i don't even have a 360 yet. sad it's true....i wish they had a voice for 360's that haven't been purchased yet. that would be great so that when i pick it up and finally play it the box will say, "Today, Maharet finally bought me and took me home!!!" that would be cool. lol

tom armitage

So I saw this yesterday and it's just yet *another* thing that's making me want to buy a 360.

Which is pretty sad, right? Buying a console because it can blog.

I tell myself it's the 360voice API that's attracting me, really...

Joost Schuur

I am an absolute gamerscore whore.

overburdened isn't you, is it Alice? The site says that that person is male.


No no that's not me. I haven't properly signed up yet, I have a BBC account, but not a personal one cos I still haven't got my wireless bridge configured.


Guilded Lily

I don't have a 360, but doesn't this freak you guys out just a little bit? Isn't it eery that Microsoft tracks your gaming habits so closely, and then can interpret that info into writing a blog for you? It is a cool, yes, and terribly clever, but just a wee bit creepy too.


I await the day when my tv, toaster and sex toys can also blog. Because who *doesn't* want to read about my every activity in excruciating detail?

Stephen Sopp

Just a note on the information tracked, it's really not that much information. I think we just do a good job of formatting it to make it look like it is.

In addition there are privacy settings you can turn on and off at anytime on the console that will turn off the display of the games you have played.

Trapper Markelz

Tom Armitage - If you have any questions about the 360voice API, let us know! Any suggestions as well... we are always look to improve!



Here's mine, Feel free to laugh at my pathetic gamer score.

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