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June 02, 2006



Isn't this like erm.. 'Killer' by Steve Jackson Games.

I played this as a kid, round Kingston with a few friends (ok, it was really us playing with a very loose structure of 'rules').

Still fun, yes fun....

neil h

I used to play Killer too, but this doesn't strike me as a terribly good idea in these days of anti-terror police with itchy trigger fingers ...


I'd be up for it but I'm not about to give my home address out to anyone. Then again, anyone who'd be willing to trek that far out of London to get me would definitely hardcore.


This has been going on in Cambridge amongst students for *years*. Never signed up, the ones who play it are a weird bunch ;) An amazing overlap between Assassins and Computer Scientists!

Prophecy Boy

You should defnitely do it - despite getting soaked early on, it was an intensely fun week of my life. The privacy thing is a bit odd, but most of my stalking actually happened online. Well, and through taunting voicemails. It' involves a lot more psychological warfare than I expected. Fun!


omg that's too funny! is this only in london? i'd love to participate in something like that. sounds like a blast.


Yeah, it certainly takes Killer to a whole new level when you don't know the people involved, so anyone you pass on the street could be out to get you.

CHeck the videos here:

I *loved* the "Taxi Driver"-style custom designed stealth watergun. And the girl carrying the collection of her kills. HARDCORE!!!!

Account Deleted

They played this when I was a First Year at my Hall in an effort to get people to meet each other. My hall had a rep of being anti-social and stuff. I signed up, but no one ever came banging on my door to "kill" me. :-(


question is:

How many people will fill thier water pistol with wee or ribina?


Playing this on a school campus is one thing, playing with strangers on city streets where police (and everyone else) are feeling nervous about terrorism seems a tad dangerous...


I think people are getting too hung up on being scared about terrorism... i mean if it happens it happens but i'm not going to lock myself away and deny myself the opportunity of some kind of espionage/assassination :D I mean come on! how cool is this!

/me puts on sunglasses and leather coat, seeks out shadowy corner

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